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Colloque Numérique Suisse / Schweizer Numerik Kolloquium

April 24, 2009

University of Basel, Alte Universität, Rheinsprung 9



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08h45-09h20 Welcome coffee / croissant
09h20-09h30 Marcus Grote: Colloquium Opening
Plenary talk: (Room 1)
09h30-10h15 Assyr Abdulle (Invited lecture) (EPFL)
Numerical methods for multiscale problems: stability and averaging
10h15-11h00 1st poster session and refreshment
Session 1A: Room 1: Numerical Analysis
11h00-11h20 Christoph Schwab, ETHZ, Sparse adaptive tensor FEM for elliptic sPDEs
11h20-11h40 Thomas Wihler, University of Bern, Exponential convergence of hp-DGFEM for linear second-order elliptic problems in 3-d polyhedra
11h40-12h00 Felix Kwok, University of Geneva, An algebraic optimized Schwarz method that converges in finitely many steps
12h00-12h20 Peter Kauf, ETHZ, Scale-induced closure for approximations of kinetic equations
Session 1B: Room 2: Scientific Computing
11h00-11h20 Martin Rentschler , EPFL, Simulating viscoplastic avalanches
11h20-11h40 Guillaume Jouvet, EPFL, Numerical simulation of the dynamics of a glacier
11h40-12h00 Hadi Hajibeygi, ETHZ, Adaptive iterative multiscale finite volume method for multiphase flow in highly heterogeneous porous media
12h00-12h20 Kamal Shahim, EPFL, Bio simulation of the normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH): Influence of the inhomogeneity and anisotropy in permeability and elasticity
12h20-14h00 lunch
14h00-14h05 Group photo
Session 2A: Room 1: Numerical Analysis
14h10-14h30 Matthias Ehrhardt, WIAS Berlin, Numerical simulation of periodic structure problems
14h30-14h50 Andrea Moiola, ETHZ, Approximation by plane waves
14h50-15h10 Stefan Sauter, University of Zurich, Rapid Solution of Exterior Wave Problems
15h10-15h30 Joerg Waldvogel, ETHZ, The Theodorus spiral: An exercise in functional equations, summation of series, integration of analytic functions, and asymptotics.
Session 2B: Room 2: Scientific Computing
14h10-14h30 Costas Bekas, IBM Research Zurich, Massive scale-out of parallel graph partitioning: A case in human bone simulations
14h30-14h50 Sebastin Gaulocher , ABB Research Switzerland, Graphical modeling of mixed-logical dynamical systems for model-predictive control
14h50-15h10 Gianluigi Rozza, EPFL, Parametric free-form shape design with PDEs models and reduced basis method
15h10-15h30 Giuseppe Bonfigli, ETHZ, Finite-difference high-order implementation of the immersed-boundary technique for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
15h30-16h15 2nd poster session
Plenary talk: (Room 1)
16h15-17h00 Ulrich Rüde (Invited Lecture) (Universität Erlangen, Germany)
Massively parallel PDE solvers for flow simulation
17h00-18h00 Apero


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